3 WWE Superstars who can replace Damian Priest in Judgment Day

Judgment Day has been one of the most successful villainous factions in WWE in the last two years and somehow it feels like that the dominion is coming to an end. With Rhea Ripley recovering from an injury and away from the company for miles, the faction is somewhat imploding with another leader in Damian Priest hoping to find his own fame.

As things stand and banking upon the reports, the faction may be soon split up if there is no one to join the ranks of the Judgment Day. Hence, WWE will have to find a way around and eventually get that man or woman to lead the show for the JD. Dominik is still not the right man to lead and somehow Finn maybe a fine wrestler but when it comes to leading the faction, time and time again we have seen shortages.

Here are three members who can replace Damian Priest if he chooses to leave Judgment Day.


#1 Cody Rhodes can stun the world and replace Damian Priest

Shocking right? Well, Cody is no saint, and he has played the heel time and time again. So with Damian Priest desperate for a possible face turn, hoping to create an empire of his own where no one actually can say that he has got it for JD, he would be stepping away from the faction.

However, with the championship belt on, it won’t be surprising if Cody chooses to turn heel and eventually is being announced as the new leader of Judgment Day, as he goes on about forging his own brand of generals.


#2 Bron Breakker

Breakker is one of the finest prospects in the industry right now and it goes without a saying that he will possible be walking the footsteps of Brock Lesnar in the forthcoming year. But filling in the boots of the Beast Incarnate is no easy thing. You have to be persistently good enough to deliver the payload.

Given the fact that he was drafted to Raw, he will need the role of being with a faction, especially a villainous one which brings out the main threat in you. Breakker will be an amazing addition to the Judgment Day.

#3 Drew McIntyre

The Scottish Psychopath has been an one man wrecking crew all by himself and he will be hoping to get some help ahead of his clash with CM Punk.



Punk has always been out smarter and he would continue to do so if McIntyre doesn’t get some help. Previously he has fought for the Judgment Day and may be he can step up to take the stead of Damian Priest, leading the JD to glory.

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