3 likely endings to Nia Jax vs Bianca Belair Queen of the Ring 2024 semifinal on WWE SmackDown

One of the marquee matches on the upcoming edition of Friday Night SmackDown in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia will feature Bianca Belair vs Nia Jax in the Queen of the Ring tournament as part of their build-up to WWE’s next Premium Live Event, WWE King and Queen of the Ring.

This will set an exciting tone for the upcoming show in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, scheduled for the following night, and will see the coronation of a new King and Queen at the Jeddah Superdome. Witnessing the recent turn of events that led to this bout, here are the three possible finishes to the semi-final match on SmackDown:

1. Bianca Belair takes down Nia Jax

Bianca Belair witnessed the events that happened last week on SmackDown that led to Nia Jax outlasting her partner, Jade Cargill from the tournament via a disqualification win. The EST of WWE would bring her focus, strength, and athleticism to combat the wrath and dominance of Nia Jax in the high-stakes match. This could lead to Belair planting a thunderous KOD on the superheavyweight Jax to pick up a clean win.


2. Nia Jax takes advantage of miscommunication between champions

As witnessed last week, Nia Jax berated Jade Cargill’s daughter sitting at ringside which led to her snapping and viciously assaulting her with a chair. This led to Cargill losing the match and being eliminated by the Queen of the Ring tournament. Jade could get involved in Bianca Belair’s match with Jax this week to seek redemption. A slight miscommunication could see Nia take advantage and defeat the EST of WWE to advance to the finals.

3. Jade Cargill assists Bianca Belair to victory vs Nia Jax

As mentioned, Jade Cargill got eliminated from the Queen of the Ring tournament due to Nia Jax’s actions. A different scenario could still see Jade get involved but instead in favor of her partner, Bianca Belair. The Storm could find a hidden spot to attack Nia Jax giving Belair the opening to take her down and advance herself to the finals the following night at the WWE PLE.


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