3 IPL rules that may never change in the future

The Indian Premier League brought out a revolution in the game of cricket. It introduced so many rules that were conceptualized for the first time in the history of the game. Many other tournaments took a leaf out of it and became successful. Some of these rules define the brand of the competition. Hence, we might not see them taken down in the future of the tournament. On that note, here, we take a look at the list of some of the IPL rules that may never change in the future.

1) The four-foreigner rule

The concept of foreigners playing along with domestic players was itself so fresh back then. However, there had to be a good mix of this blend so that the philosophy of the league remained intact. Hence, only four overseas players were allowed in a playing XI.

This rule has penetrated so much into the viewers that it would be impossible to reduce or increase the number. While reducing is still possible by the franchises, we may never see more than four overseas players in an IPL XI ever in the future.


2) Strategic Time-Out

The strategic time-out is one of the IPL rules that may never change in the future. This was introduced much later but has become very significant for the broadcasters.

Viewers are forced to wait to complete this short phase and here is where broadcasters find value in airing their advertisements. From a commercial point of view, this rule can never be taken out.

3) Signing players through auctions alone

Earlier, franchises had the chance to sign players outside the auction. Even now, replacement signings are done in the open market. However, that happens only after these players go under the hammer and go unsold at the auctions.


Even the trade deals happen at the price which the players were paid at the auctions. The selling team also has their purse increased in this case. Hence, auctions will forever be the only main method to sign players in the IPL.

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