3 Indians who could become single-format players after 2023 ODI World Cup

In the current three-format era, it is not uncommon to witness specialists in one format. Usually, cricketers now plan their careers keeping in mind the upcoming ICC events. Hence, in this regard, we might witness some wholesale changes after the upcoming ODI WC. A few Indians could decide to focus on just one format to prolong their careers and help India win games in that particular format. Here, we take a look at the list of three Indians who could become single-format players after the 2023 ODI World Cup.


1) Mohammed Shami – Test

Mohammed Shami has thankfully remained fit in recent months. Credit must also go to the workload management by the concerned parties. However, he might be a little careful going forward.

While he does not have a place in the T20I squad, after the ODI WC, Shami might be kept outside the ODI team, too. In Tests, his role is very important and hence, the West Bengal pacer could prioritize this format.


2) Hardik Pandya – T20I

Hardik Pandya is one of the Indians who could become single-format players after the 2023 ODI World Cup. It appears that Hardik may not play Test cricket going forward. His fitness may not allow it.

The ODIs are also losing relevance. Hence, Hardik might make a conscious decision to step aside from these two formats to focus on the T20 format alone. With a few World Cups coming up, as a skipper, Hardik’s role will be very vital.

3) Rohit Sharma – Test

Even Rohit Sharma could belong to this list after the ODI World Cup. The current Indian skipper might not get a run in the T20I format. He could also step aside from the ODIs because he will not play in the 2027 ODI World Cup.


That said, the Test Team still needs Rohit as the skipper and the opener. Hence, at least for the next WTC Cycle, Rohit could still be in the squad.

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