3 Indian batters RCB can target in the mid-season transfer window

Royal Challengers Bangalore are struggling with the bat in IPL 2024. Despite having a strong batting attack, they are failing to do well together. An option for RCB would be to look at the mid-season transfer window. Of course, the other team also has to be aligned but it is a try worthy taking. On that note, here, we take a look at the list of three Indian batters RCB can target in the mid-season transfer window.

1) Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan is yet to make his debut for Gujarat Titans despite going for a huge sum at the IPL 2024 Auctions. He is also not finding a spot on the bench as a possible Impact Player. It is also not sure if he is injured at the moment.

Nevertheless, if he is available in the market, RCB must go for him. He would be the ideal choice to have at No.5. He is more naturally suited for this role. Also, his off-spin would be useful for the side.


2) Manish Pandey

Manish Pandey is one of the Indian batters RCB can target in the mid-season transfer window. At the moment, Manish Pandey is spending time on the bench at KKR.

It needs to be noted that Manish can be a solid choice as an opener. If RCB decides to change the opening combination and wants an experienced option, they can try hiring Manish Pandey.

3) Atharva Taide

Atharva Taide is an interesting choice that RCB can take. Many expected him to be the left-handed middle-order batter for Punjab Kings in IPL 2024. However, Sam Curran has taken that role.


RCB is very heavy with right-handers. This is allowing the left-arm spinners dominate the RCB squad. Hence, to avoid this, RCB could consider having one more left-handed option in the playing XI. Hence, Atharva Taide is on this list.

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