3 Australian players who got run-out most times in Test Cricket history

In Tests, run-outs are not a major form of dismissal. A batter need not take a risk while running between the wickets because there is no cap on the number of deliveries that he can face. Nevertheless, there have been several instances when run-outs have happened in the format. This comes down mainly due to the brilliance of the fielders and also, the context of the game. Australian cricketers are known for their athleticism and agility. However, some of them have been at the end of run-outs in Tests. Here, we take a look at three Australian players who got run-out most times in Test Cricket history.


1) Ricky Ponting – 15 Run-Outs in 287 Innings

It is interesting to note that it is the former Australian skipper who leads this list. In fact, no other player in the history of the format has got run-out more than Ricky Ponting.

In the 168 Tests that he played, Ponting has been at the end of fielding brilliance on 15 occasions. This accounts for 5.23% of the dismissals for the cricketer in his career.


2) Matthew Hayden – 12 Run-Outs in 184 Innings

Matthew Hayden is one of the Australian players who got run-out most times in Test Cricket history. It is not often that openers get run out, especially in Tests. However, in Hayden’s case, the outcome is different.

In just 184 times he came out to bat, the southpaw got run out 12 times. For a player who scored a lot of boundaries, taking a risk for a single or a double was never needed. However, as mentioned earlier, the context of the game is always relevant while reading such statistics.

3) Allan Border – 12 Run-Outs in 265 Innings

It is Allan Border who is at No.3 on this list. In the 156 Tests he played for Australia, on dozen occasions, Allan Border was out due to a run-out.


Allan Border scored more than 10000 runs for his team and his average was above 50. A fantastic batter, he just could not avoid a run-out in 12 games.

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