2 WWE SummerSlam 2022 Spoilers You Need To Know: Seth Rollins’ Opponent, Winner of Last Man Standing Match

In less than five hours from now, SummerSlam 2022 will be running its course that will witness a couple of major outstanding events consuming the WWE universe. From countless twists and turns doing the rounds amongst the insider reports, there are big fishes that are already attracting a major chunk of the audience.

With Dave Meltzer and Jimmy Hart dropping a handful of bombs to shake up the WWE Universe just ahead of the PPV, we thought about enlisting the potential spoilers that have gathered traction over the span of the last couple of days and may very well prove to be true which can have damning repercussions in the upcoming days for the entertainment magnate.

#1 Paul Heyman may be the trickster you weren’t expecting to grab the limelight at the main event

When giants meet, human beings are just onlookers, awaiting on the bylines to be the probable collaterals. However, there are times when even a puny human, who probably would run for his life on any given day, decides to create a significant impact and turn the course of history in a completely different direction while the giants perish away from the limelight.


There are rumors that state, Paul Heyman can very well be the game-changer for tomorrow’s main event featuring the Tribal Chief and the Beast Incarnate. Now the question that remains in the middle is whose side will he be on? It can be a defection to camp Lesnar or a new theory suggests the rise of Austin Theory where he helps the latter to cash in and walks away with the gold around his waist.

#2 Triple H wants to make a show of Seth Rollins at SummerSlam

After Riddle was ruled out by SummerSlam copping a severe blow from the Visionary, Rollins almost gave up his hope of appearing in the PPV. In fact, he took to Twitter to apologize to all the fans who would probably be turning up with the hope of seeing him in action and returning almost empty-handed.

Much to Rollins’ surprise, Triple H was not taking any of this hogwash and issued a cryptic response that hints at a potential replacement for Riddle. Even though there is nothing concrete dangling in the air, all roads lead to former NXT champion, Dolph Ziggler. Even if Ziggler does walk in the ring, especially after his latest heel turn, this contest would feature two of the industry’s best athletes going tooth and nail at each other to present the audience with a slugfest for the ages.



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