2 ways in which Cody Rhodes can finally finish his story in WrestleMania XL

With the WrestleMania XL coming closer than ever, the speculations are now snowballing and the fans simply cannot keep calm. With the various wrestling outlets taking the centrestage, fans believe that this year’s grandest events of all that will have a replay of last year’s main event, will also stay witness to an iconic moment. Cody Rhodes will be taking on Roman Reigns in order to finish the story, one that he started a year ago.

So is there a chance that Cody can finally finish his story? Well, the answer lies in nuances. Maybe not entirely in a clean fashion. Maybe in a way that would be more focused on storytelling and making Roman Reigns a possible victim of a brutal beatdown from his very own who may turn their back on the Tribal Chief.

With all the hearsays in place, here are two ways in which Cody Rhodes may finally finish his story.


#1 The Bloodline turns on Roman Reigns and accepts Cody as their master

We have seen the tension burning bright in the eyes of Solo Sikoa who have often crossed Roman while the Rock has had telltale signs of him betraying the Tribal Chief.

So what exactly awaits Roman? In all likelihood, the Bloodline will possibly turn babyface and will most likely defect against Roman Reigns and the rest they say is going to be history. Now every faction needs a leader and Cody can make one amazing leader whether being a face or a heel. Together they go onto beat Roman Reigns.

#2 Cody defeats the Rock and Roman Reigns in simultaneous matches to seal the Championship

This is something that we have already seen for Daniel Bryan and it was possibly one of the biggest moments in the history of WrestleMania.


Now it won’t be surprising if Cody defeats Roman Reigns and the Rock after possibly going up in a tag team match where he pairs alongside Seth Rollins. Now when this is followed by another night of exciting action, Cody takes on Roman and eventually after a terrific showdown, he buries Roman Reigns once and for all.



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