2 current IPL rules that are harmful to the Indian Cricket Team

One of the biggest beneficiaries of the Indian Premier League is the Indian Cricket Team. Across formats, India now has a tremendous depth, thanks to the IPL. Yes, they might not have won a trophy recently but that is a different discussion. For the fans, as well, IPL offers clean entertainment. On the other hand, we can see that IPL is now trying to balance the game and the business aspect. Hence, some of the rules actually do not make sense from a future perspective. On that note, here, we take a look at the list of two current IPL rules that are harmful to the Indian Cricket Team.

1) The Impact Player rule

It was a surprise that IPL has this rule when the ICC is yet to bring in this rule. The Impact Player rule basically reduces the value of an all-rounder.

Team India is always short of good all-rounders. In this regard, IPL was a way to develop them. With the Impact Player rule, this cannot happen. For instance, the likes of Shivam Dube hardly bowl in IPL but they might be forced to bowl for Team India. This disconnect is not helping the Indian Team right now.


2) Flexible trade rules

Flexible trade window is one of the IPL rules that are harmful to the Indian Cricket Team. The trade of Hardik Pandya to Gujarat Titans might be one of the biggest and most unexpected deals in the history of the tournament.

It is one of the first times that a player has triggered a move, something that we have hardly seen. With this, the concept of an auction purse actually does not make sense. If this continues, we could see more such deals in the future and therefore, popular teams will become stronger. IPL must bring in some right trade rules which disallows this.


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