​10 Underused WWE Superstars Who Are Likely To Become A Champion Under Triple H Soon

As Triple H became the creative head of WWE, the anticipations are already blowing through the ceiling about which wrestlers are going to have a dream run in the forthcoming days of the industry. Triple H has always been a promoter of youth and it is needless to say that the future of the industry is in safe hands.

Ever since his return to the industry he has already started making the right moves and the stocks of the company are rising with every passing day. With all said and done, let us take a look at ten wrestlers who are going to get a massive push under the aegis of Triple H as the company’s creative head.

1. Ciampa may become WWE Champion under Triple H

Earlier this year, Ciampa returned on the main roster and aligned himself with the Miz. Despite playing the third wheel to the contest of Miz and Logan Paul, Ciampa’s rise to the United States Championship uttered volumes about Triple H’s intentions with the rising stars of the industry.


The fact that he has been allowed to pin AJ Styles is a clear indication that the Game is going to promote the ones who have been with the company for a while now.

2. Iyo Sky

Another masterstroke from the Hunter is to focus on the women’s section vehemently and the living proof of the same is the return of Iyo Sky. Iyo Sky has been ruling the roost for NXT Women’s division for a while and it is no surprise that she was made to hit the main roster within days of Triple H leading the canon

3. Dakota Kai may become a champion under Triple H

Like Iyo, Dakota was a much overlooked character and now that Triple H is back to the helm, he brought Dakota to the roster of the main fighters and wants her to put a show in the tag-team championship tournament alongside Iyo Sky.


4. Finn Balor may rise to the top in WWE under Triple H

Balor was a highly talked about individual in his NXT days. He was absolutely ruthless and his fighting skills were simply mesmerizing. He has so far done a decent job with the Judgement Day but it is now believed that the WWE Universe would love to see him rise alone and Triple H can be the perfect man for this job.

5. Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali’s bookings haven’t been as great that could fill an aspiring wrestler with hopes. All the gimmicks so far started by Ali hasn’t really seen the light of the day and to be honest there is very little that he could have done over the years to change the entire narrative.


However, due to not being a part of the NXT Roster previously, he has found it hard to progress much. But then with the kind of admiration that WWE has for this man, it won’t be surprising if Triple H does intend to give him a long run.

6. Sami Zayn may become a WWE Champion under Triple H

Sami Zayn had massive adulation while he was a part of the NXT Roster. However, right he has stepped foot in the WWE canon, there have been very minimal help for him to climb the pecking order and he has mostly wrestled in the mid-table matches. He is a talented wrestler and is expected to thrive under the reign of the Game.

7. Kevin Owens may become a WWE Champion under Triple H

Another wrestler who shared almost a similar fate with that of Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens has struggled desperately for a push that could have seen him rise up the ladder. Much to everyone’s surprise.


Owens was one of the most dominant pro-wrestlers in the NXT circuit. Triple H has always had an eye for talent and KO may finally have his rise.

8. Shotzi

Shotzi’s battle tank was ranked too high in the list of the merchs that moved in the WWE shop but the main roster did very little to improve Shotzi’s character.

Even though the time is yet not right for Shotzi to climb up the pecking order, yet is believed that she has ample fuel in her tank to rock the future roads for WWE under Triple H.


9. Rick Boogs

Rick Boogs created significant noise while being with the NXT Roster where he also took his gimmick to another level, creating the noises for all the right reasons.

He is a well-built grappler and can work his way around the ring with some neat moves. Another perennial name in the mid-table cards will be hoping for a rise in the following months to arrive with the Hunter at the helm.

10. Rhea Ripley

Rhea has been an absolute dominator in the women’s section and has been the heart of Judgment Day, allowing diversions for Balor and Priest.


The audience has already made the noises for seeing her separately and since she is a project of Triple H, it won’t be surprising if she Triple H chooses to promote her to the top.


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